Leno Sacks/Fabric Rolls


Leno Sacks/Fabric Rolls

Woven bags or leno bags are ideal for packaging potatoes, onions, carrots, shellfish or firewood. Our Leno bags and fabric are very strong, form-stable and breathable. We have started manufacturing leno bags/fabrics in 2005 and supplying within India and also exporting to Europe and USA on regular basis. Our leno bags are made from the best plastic granules providing superb glossy and translucent finish. We have the capacity to supply more than 3 million leno bags per month and 300 MT leno fabric we are producing every month.


WeightAs per Requirement
LengthAs per Requirement
Mesh4x4 TO 5x5
GSM30 TO 110
ColorsAll colors
StitchingGenerally tubular bags or L stitch
TopMouth hemmed
BottomFolding with single or double stitch
DrawstringWith or without drawstring
LabelOptional on the bag

Leno bags are popular due to the following characteristics

– Good tensile and burst strength

– Lighter in weight than Corrugated Boxes hence transportation cost will be lower

– (Corrugated Box of similar capacity is 6 times heavier than leno bags)

– Cheaper in comparison to jute bags

– Reusable, however number of cycles depends upon the material packed, storage,

– handling and other relevant parameters.

– Not attacked by fungus, insects and rats

– Resistant to corrosive chemicals